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5 Outstanding Collectible Design Shows to See Around the World in July

Jan 23, 2024

“Imaginary Landscapes” at Jeff Lincoln Art + Design. Photo: Joe Kramm

“Imaginary Landscapes” at Jeff Lincoln Art + Design. Photo: Joe Kramm

Stepping into the latest art and design showcase at Jeff Lincoln’s Southampton space is like entering an otherworldly realm, one that incorporates ethereal paintings by Yuka Kashihara which perfectly play off hand-crafted ceramics by Hun Chung Lee, who is known for his masterful use of 15th-century Korean celadon glazing techniques. While the artists each created their works independently (Chung Lee in Los Angeles and Kashihara between Berlin and Tokyo), displaying their pieces in tandem reveals their parallel interests in creating landscapes that distill the essence of memory—either real or imagined. Open through July 30, the must-see show is familiar and alien all at once.

“Metamorph” at Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Photo: Carpenters Workshop

Born in Greece and now based in Milan, architect and designer Niko Koronis is celebrated for his minimalist experimental furnishings, including a family of resin furniture inspired by Carlo Scarpa. Currently on view at Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s London outpost is his new Belgian Black Marble collection, which adheres to his signature geometric style while exploring material contrasts. Case in point is the TSL coffee table, which was carved out of a single block of stone rendered in three separate states. Also on view is a stool, dining table, console, and column that further reveal the designer’s keen eye for playing with negative space.

“Heat Wave” at Friedman Benda in New York. Photo: Timothy Doyon/Courtesy of Friedman Benda

An unabashed celebration of summer, Friedman Benda’s new group show “Heat Wave” brings together some of the most exciting talents on their roster, among them Ini Archibong (one of Galerie’s 2022 Creative Minds), Chris Schanck, Faye Toogood, and Misha Kahn. Eye-catching moments include exuberant upholstered furnishings by Darren Romanelli as well as a bright piece by self-taught artist and designer Hamed Ouattara, who is based in Burkina Faso and utilizes discarded oil drums to create functional works of art. Don’t miss a two-headed snakelike lamp by Carmen D’Apollonio, who incorporated a maple table as support for the elongated ceramic body.

Darcy Miro, 'Gemma' Mirror, hand built ceramic and metal mirror. Photo: R & Company

Tribeca gallery R & Company is popping up in Aspen through September 10 in a special collaboration with concept gallery Pitkin Projects. On display will be a rotating presentation of works by an array of local and international talents, with a selection of pieces by ceramic and metal artist Darcy Miro being featured from July 12 to July 24. Her latest works—a whimsical group of hand-built ceramic mirrors—nod to her expertise in jewelry-making and are embellished with metallic accents. Other artists slated to be displayed include R & Company’s Jolie Ngo (August 9–21) and Roberto Lugo (August 2–14), as well as Jill Platner (July 26–August 6) and Brad Miller (August 23–September 4).

Konstantin Grcic 'Transformers' on view through August 26 at Galerie Kreo. Photo: Alexandra de Cossette

After a four-year odyssey exploring readymade materials, German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic is showing off the results of his labor at Galerie Kreo in Paris. On view through August 26 is a striking—and somewhat startling—arrangement of tables and lamps crafted out of black anodized aluminum with perforated sides, essentially a measuring jig typically used by the automotive industry. Such transformers, as they are, form the core of this new body of work, which aims to bridge the gap between traditionalism and futurism. Grcic summed it up nicely during a recent visit: “While looking at the object, one asks essential questions: What am I? What is this? Is this a lamp? Is it a light? Or is it something else even?”

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